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Sample business plan
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2.1.2    Needs and preferences

  • Bed & Breakfasts
Bed and Breakfasts usually have limited budgets for marketing and advertising. As an outlook, most bed and breakfast providers prefer to do their own advertising and marketing so as to save costs and maximize profits. Some seek external marketing and advertising professionals to assist with branding solutions such as the development of attractive logos, letterheads, brochures and presentations. While some bed and breakfasts have websites, most of these websites are simple in nature. The do not have advanced features that enable visitors to obtain immediate quotations, make reservations and secure payments.  Most of them simply provide information on the location of the premises as well as information on the types of rooms and details of the available amenities/facilities. They often prefer affordable yet effective marketing and advertising solutions.

  • Lodges
The marketing and advertising needs and preferences of lodges are similar to those of bed and breakfasts. To market themselves, they mostly depend on brochures, internet marketing, website listings, branding and other affordable means of creating awareness and appraising sales and profits.

  • Hotels
In terms of online presence, they usually engage professional website developers to develop complex websites that are able to allow the customers to check for available rooms, obtain immediate quotations, and make reservations, transfer payment and much more. Large well established hotels seek quality advertising and marketing solutions that are aimed at the following results:

  • Expansion of sales and marketing resources
  • Increased sales revenue and profits
  • Greater recognition through increased advertising placements and other avenues
  • Reaching of potential customers that can be turned into cash
  • The promotion of repeat business and brand loyal customers

Hotels are open to most forms of advertising and marketing media such as television, magazines with a local and international presence, newspapers, billboards and much more. Their advertising and marketing is usually on a national basis as hotels usually have a presence in most premier cities and towns in the country. Adverts that are attractive, create interest, stimulate desire and cause the customer to take action by either making an enquiry or ultimately occupying rooms at the hotel are of the essence for most hotels.
  • Tour planners
Tour planners work hand in hand with travel agents so as to help both domestic and foreign tourists plan their vacations or excursions. They prefer to be situated and marketed at prime areas such as shopping malls, attraction centers, airports, and bus and train terminals. 

  • Game Reserves
Game reserves usually market themselves via local and international magazines as well as national and local television on channels such as SABC (1, 2, 3), the National Discovery Channel and other nature related channels.

  • Transfers/ Transport Entities
Established transport providers such as SA Roadlink, Intercape and Greyhound, Translux – City to City usually prefer to market their services through national television and radio. This enables them to communicate their offering to a wider audience

  • Tourist Information Centers
While tourist information centers are strategically located where tourists frequent, they require marketing and advertising services. They usually prefer to have their own in house marketing professionals and editors linked to all their publication work. They do seek external marketing consultants for comprehensive marketing strategies and plans as well as assistance with rich media advertising avenues. 

  • Tourism Authorities
Tourism authorities or bodies have a great presence online in terms of websites that are rich with multimedia such as high quality images, video as well as rich text media. They make use of advertising agencies to assist them with promoting the tourism sector.

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