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3.2    Indirect Competition 

Indirect competition will emanate from the following entities:

  • Radio Stations
In terms of radio stations, the business will face indirect competition from community radio stations as well as the ones that broadcast nationally. A majority of radio stations feature adverts or commercials from tourism oriented businesses such as bed and breakfasts, guest houses, lodges, hotels, restaurants, game reserves, trip planners or tour guides and others.

The following is a list of premier radio stations in South Africa that are likely to pose indirect competition to Ingenious Africa Media are as follows.

  • North West FM
  • Soweto FM
  • Khaya FM
  • Metro FM
  • SAFM
  • YFM
  • SABC Broadcasters
  • Jacaranda FM
  • Five FM
  • Radio Pull Pit
  • Radio 702
  • Ukhozi FM
  • 5FM
  • East Coast Stereo
  • Radio Kfm
  • Good Hope FM
  • Umhlo Wenene FM

These Radio Stations have a commendable audience and as such advertisers opt for them when it comes to marketing and advertising.
  • Established and leading media and advertising agencies
Indirect competition will also be experienced from well established or leading advertising agencies with a national and international presence. They include:
  • OMD
  • The Media Shop
  • MediaCompete (Mediacom)
  • Mindshare
  • Nota Bene (Mediaedge)
  • Media Coordination
  • Initiative
  • Universal McCann
  • Starcom

  • Market Research
Competition will also emanate from market research entities such as Synovate that specialises in conducting various market related research work. They research and store data on various industries such as advertising and communications, automotive, call centers, customer experience, financial services, luxury goods, media, telecommunications, travelling and many more. Most market research firms not only conduct research work but also offer consultancy services for businesses that want to develop comprehensive strategic business plans and marketing plans.

  • Online Media Sites
A number of websites offer online marketing and advertising services for businesses. Premier online media sites include the following:

  • M-web –
  • Media 24 – 
  • Gateway –
  • Brabys –

Although these do not necessarily pose direct competition, these sites are substitutes for radio advertising, marketing and advertising agencies services and do compete for ad Rands. However, most of these websites do not necessarily target small businesses, but rather fairly sophisticated or high Rand customers.

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