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Sample business plan
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9.4    Roles and Responsibilities

9.4.1    General Manager
The general manager will be responsible for the implementation of the business plan. The responsibilities will ultimately encompass planning, leading, organising, controlling and coordinating. 

9.4.2    Finance and Administration
The responsibilities of the finance and administration officer will include the following:
  • Record keeping
  • General administration
  • Cash receipts and payments
  • Handling debtors and creditors
  • Recording all finance related transactions

9.4.3    Marketing Executives
The responsibilities of the marketing executives will encompass the following:
  • Determining the advertising and promotion needs of the clients
  • Assisting clients in terms of developing new and innovative strategies for their businesses that deliver significant value
  • Ultimately providing strategic marketing solutions for the clients of the business

9.4.4    Creative Team
The team will be made up of a graphic designer, production artist and copy writer. The creative team will come up with ideas and concepts that are aimed at driving results for the clients of Ingenious Africa Media

9.4.5    Distribution Officer
The distribution officer will be responsible for the distribution of publications and other marketing articles to the target market of the business
9.4.6    Webmaster
The webmaster will be responsible for developing, maintaining, updating and providing support for the business website

9.4.7    Website Editor
The website editor will be responsible for the following:
  • Working with the team and content owners or businesses advertising on the website so as to ensure that the web content is free of grammar and spelling errors and that the content is fully accessible and customer-friendly
  • Verifying and validating information so as to ensure that only quality content that meets the standards of Ingenious Africa Media and relevant bodies is uploaded 
  • Producing, editing and maintaining high quality, customer focused, online information related to tourism and hospitality in South Africa
  • Ensuring that all necessary data is provided in an accurate, reliable and timely manner

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