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12.    Marketing and Sales Plan

Solutions rendered to the esteemed clientele will follow a stated objective of addressing quality (as manifested in accuracy, simplicity, results-driven, and creativity), innovation, and service - second to none by Ingenious Africa Media’s Marketing Executives. Ingenious Africa Media’s management firmly believes that providing quality services is its first and foremost task in achieving its targeted market share. Innovative and creative solutions are actually subsets of quality and, as a result, substantial management attention will be focused in these areas.

Ingenious Africa Media will use only marketing executives with impeccable credentials and extensive service training. Emphasis will be continuously focused on the needs of the customer.

During the first twelve months, both the Managing Director and Marketing Executives will play key roles in establishing contacts with target customers.

Marketing Executives will be compensated with a relatively standard base salary and a bonus payable quarterly based on collected payments on revenue made in the preceding three months. Bonus schedules will begin at 1% of the contract price and will increase to a maximum of 5% with no upward Rand limit.

Marketing Executives will be expected to turn in weekly reports outlining initial contacts, follow ups, and projected work on a rolling three-month basis.

Written, semi-annual objectives by all Marketing Executives will be submitted by the second and seventh month of each year, and the preceding period’s actual-to-budget will be reviewed at the same time.

Professionalism in both appearance and approach will be the guiding principle for Ingenious Africa Media’s executives.

Thorough knowledge of customer needs and the competitors will be essential. Services will be reinforced with monthly revenue meetings conducted by the Managing Director.

12.1    Product Offering

Ingenious Africa Media Website
Ingenious Africa Media will develop a business website. The business shall register the domain and it will be used to host the marketing literature of the business. The website will make use of various multimedia such as videos, animations, banners, images, sound clips, flash media and much more so as to create attention, interest, desire and action. The website will have the following features:

  • The website will provide quality content on tourism and hospitality in South Africa. Rich information and multimedia providing the target audience with information on attraction areas in South Africa and more importantly how they can get there and enjoy the experience
  • The website will make use of content from the business magazine in order to enlighten online viewers
  • Banner advertising solutions for tourism and hospitality oriented businesses. This shall be the main revenue stream for the website. The business can also join leading affiliate network sites such as Offerforge – and TrafficSynergy – where banners can be obtained and placed on the website for income generation.  There are also a number of pay per click advertising programs that the business can join – they include Adbrite  and Ad dynamo –
  • Link exchange and advertising to tourism and hospitality oriented businesses
  • Directory listing of tourism and hospitality businesses as well as the provision of information pages linking to various bed and breakfasts, lodges and other resorts

Ingenious Africa Magazine
Ingenious Africa Media will publish a magazine. The magazine will provide great insight on tourism and hospitality in South Africa. It will feature interesting articles and content on South Africa’s heritage and other attraction areas.

  • Tourist guides in terms of where to stay and visit
  • Outdoor adventures and safaris
  • Wildlife in South Africa and much more

The business envisages to produce and distribute 100 000 to prime areas such as Johannesburg, Rustenburg, Pretoria and Capetown.  The magazine shall be distributed via tour buses, airbuses, electronic copy through the website, car rental premises, bed and breakfasts and other suitable areas.

Advertising solution centre
The advertising solution center will render the following services:
  • Marketing and advertising consulting services
  • Branding and brand development – essentially assisting the target market with the development of logos, brochures, presentations and much more
  • The creation of attractive and interesting advertising campaigns  
  • The dissemination of advertising campaigns through the media
  • The provision of indoor and outdoor display services
  • The marketing of corporate gifts

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