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12.2    Promotion
In terms of the promotion drives to be used by the business, Ingenious Africa Media will focus on the following promotion initiatives:

12.2.1    Branding and Brand Development
The business will seek the assistance of the National Youth Development Agency (through their voucher programme) for assistance with its branding needs. Branding will create a unique identity or personality for Ingenious Africa Media. It is important as it distinguishes Ingenious Africa Media from other businesses. The branding for Ingenious Africa Media will encompass:

  • The development of a professional business logo
  • A creative business slogan that is catchy and provides a succinct but beneficial message to the potential clientele of Ingenious Africa Media
  • Complimentary customised T-shirts, caps, pens and other items bearing the name Ingenious Africa Media
  • Pocket sized business cards
  • Online presence on websites such as Twitter –,  Facebook –,  Plaxo –,  Youtube –,  Brabys –,  Hotfrog –, Ananzi –  and many more.
  • The use of customised marketing brochures and presentations. These will play a vital role in communicating to prospects about the service offerings of Ingenious Africa Media. Professional well written marketing literature will be provided in the marketing brochures and presentations
  • Customised business documents such fax cover sheets and letterheads

12.2.2    Sales Promotion
Ingenious Africa Media will rely on this impersonal marketing vehicle and will conduct sales promotions on a short term basis. The business will offer its clientele initiatives in order to encourage the greater sales

12.2.3    Public Relations
This will mainly involve spreading positive news about the services of Ingenious Africa Media. This will be conducted by means of writing interesting articles about the business and other topics related to the nature of the business. Public relations initiatives will also involve taking part in community events and socialising with the wider community in order to promote the image of the business.

12.2.4    Advertising
Advertising will entail making use of non-personal media to create awareness and drive sales for Ingenious Africa Media. Ingenious Africa Media will make use of local newspapers such as the North West Independent as well as local radio stations. The business will design its adverts in a manner that pursues customers to make use of Ingenious Africa Media’s services. 

12.2.5    Relationship Marketing
Ingenious Africa Media will endeavor to establish long term value laden relationships with its clientele. This will provide the business with a platform to retain customers. The main aim will be to enhance customer loyalty and this will help the business increase sales and ultimately profits.

12.3    Pricing 
In the initial stages of the business, Ingenious Africa Media will adopt a penetration pricing approach by essentially pricing its clientele solutions slightly lower than the direct competitors. Once the entity has penetrated the market, it will change its pricing approach to competitive pricing where it will price its services in line with that of competitors. Once Ingenious Africa Media is established and has built a reputation, a value based pricing approach that also considers the amount of time to be taken on an assignment as well as the chargeable hours by the entity’s consultants will be adopted.

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