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13.    Risk Analysis 
13.1    Market Risk
The market features well established advertising and marketing agencies currently serving a majority of tourism oriented entities. Ingenious Africa Media will have to develop comprehensive marketing strategies in order to capture the attention of the market and reap the benefits in terms of sales and profits.  To mitigate this risk, Ingenious Africa Media will approach the National Youth Development Agency or Small Enterprise Development Agency for assistance with the development of a comprehensive strategic marketing and sales plan. Additionally, the business will focus on niche markets and adopt a high level of customer intimacy. 

13.2    Financial Risk
A financial risk may emanate from the fact that the owner’s contribution is less compared to the funds requested from external funding providers. This presents a risk in terms of gearing. To mitigate this risk, Ingenious Africa Media will plough back most of its profits into the business until such a level where the gearing is at a tolerable level.

13.3    Human Resource Risk
Ingenious Africa Media will require skilled employees to render advertising and marketing solutions. These employees will come at a high cost to the company. The business will counter this risk by engaging comprehensive staff development and training programs in order to appraise the skills and competencies of staff members. 

13.4    Technological Risk
Ingenious Africa Media will mainly depend on technology to develop advertising and marketing concepts for clients. Software and hardware changes frequently and as a result, the business may have to keep up with the changes in order to keep up with modern advertising and marketing concepts. There is a risk of downtime and viruses affecting the business website. This can be mitigated by engaging a reliable web hosting company and installing antivirus firewall protection software.

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