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Management Team

The ultimate success of Ingenious Africa Media will depend upon management’s ability to offer innovative and creative services and to cost-effectively deliver value laden solutions to the large and receptive market. Ingenious Africa Media’s founding executives comprise of the following high caliber professionals whose experience will create immense and invaluable synergy for the entity.

Each of the founders has contributed substantially to the company in the form of capital and time. Management believes that it is addressing a market destined to grow substantially with a well-conceived line of services. It is confident that both market share and revenue projections will, at a minimum, be achieved within the projected time frame.

The management and ownership of the business is represented by Daniel, Craig and Neo. They are enthusiastic about advertising and media as well as entrepreneurship. Daniel is the major shareholder (55%) and will provide strategic direction to the business and pioneer the entity towards realizing its vision. The entrepreneur will work with a staff compliment that includes a finance and administration assistant, marketing and advertising executives, a creative team, distribution officer, online media communication officer and website editor.

Financial Overview
Ingenious Africa Media requires a total of R535,000 in first-round financing. The funding will enable the entity to purchase the required assets, to implement comprehensive and aggressive sales and marketing plans, and to get established in the market. The entity will request for a bank loan of R385,000 and a bank overdraft facility of R50,000. The owners have set aside R100,000 for the venture. The entity anticipates that the initial round will be sufficient to carry it to profitability and to allow building assets to a level where outside debt financing can be obtained to fund further growth. Initial revenues are expected in the second half of 201X. The company is anticipated to become profitable during 201X. Revenue and profit information for the first five years is summarized below:

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