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2.    Market Analysis    
2.1    Market Segmentation
This section involves the process of dividing the market into distinct subgroups of customers with common characteristics. It based on the understanding that the identified market segments have different needs and preferences. An understanding of these needs is imperative so as to select of target a segment that has potential to be the most profitable or lucrative for Ingenious Africa Media.

2.1.1    Market Segments
  • Bed & Breakfasts
These are primarily small lodging establishments that offer overnight accommodation and breakfast. Some bed and breakfasts also offer other meals over the rest of the day. Bed and Breakfasts are often cheaper than lodges and hotels.

  • Lodges
Lodges are accommodation providers in the form of houses – they usually provide accommodation to travelers and the general public. Lodges are often cheaper than hotels and other up market accommodation providers.

  • Hotels
Hotels are accommodation providers that are usually more costly than bed and breakfasts and lodges. They usually provide more luxury and hospitality and usually have a presence in more than one town or city within the country.

  • Tour Planners
Tour planners specialize in helping holiday makers – domestic or foreign tourists plan their trips. They provide information pertaining to maps, accommodation providers, and possible modes of transport and information on key areas of attraction. 

  • Game Reserves
Game reserves are areas of land set aside for the maintenance of wildlife for tourism. South Africa has an abundance of wildlife that attracts both local and international tourists. Africa has developed a brand famously known as the “Big 5” (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and Rhino). This attracts both local and foreign tourists.

  • Transfers/ Transport Entities
This market segment helps to move the local and foreign tourists from place to place. Transport providers include airlines, buses, cabs and taxi.

  • Tourist Information Centers
These are dedicated information centers that provide information in the form of maps, brochures, presentations, magazines and other media to holiday makers.

  • Tourism Authorities
Tourist authorities are set up to ensure the welfare of tourism in particular locations. A list of notable Tourism Boards in South Africa includes the following: 

  • Regional Tourism Bodies
Key regional tourism bodies include the following:
  • Eastern Cape Tourism Board
  • Gauteng Tourism Board
  • Mpumalanga Tourism Board
  • Northern Cape Tourism Board
  • Free State Tourism Board
  • Limpopo Tourism & Parks Board
  • North West Parks & Tourism Board
  • Tourism KwaZulu Natal
  • Western Cape Tourism Board

  • City Tourism Boards
          Key city tourism boards include the following:
  • Johannesburg Tourism Board
  • Cape Town Tourism
  • Pietermaritzburg Tourism
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism 

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