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Transport business plan

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5.    SWOT Analysis

The following table is an account of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats applicable to the business entity.

5.1    Strengths

  • The passion and commitment demonstrated by the business owner and managers
  • The business currently has identified skilled, competent and experienced drivers further signifying its commitment towards providing safe and reliable transportation to its highly valued targeted clientele
  • The charismatic and democratic style of leadership of the business owners
  • The strong thriving entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners
  • The knowledge, skills  and competencies possessed by the managing directors and identified key personnel
  • The strong focus on customers and commitment towards adding value to the lives of the stakeholders of Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd

5.2    Weaknesses

  • The lack of funding to purchase additional luxury to reach new markets. The business may have to depend on external funders in order to expand or diversify
  • The lack of capacity to meet a wider market

5.3    Opportunities

  • The environment that the business operates in provides numerous opportunities in terms of financial and non financial support. The business can access support from various banks as well as from Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC)
  • The interest rates are currently fairly low. This is encouraging for businesses as the cost of borrowing is lower and more people have a greater spending power
  • The possibility of serving the immense Zambian market

5.4    Threats

  • The growing intensity of rivalry amongst transport service providers
  • The usage of other means of transportation such as rail and air
  • The threat from direct and indirect competitors within the region that the business intends to operate
  • Threat of possible high inflation rates
  • The potential increase in petrol prices thus implying a higher level of operating costs and lower profits

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