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Transport business plan

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7.    Implementation Plan
7.1    Organisational Structure

Transport business organisational

7.2    Roles and Responsibilities

7.2.1    Managing Directors

The Managing Directors will be responsible for the implementation of the business plan and general managerial functions such as planning, leading, organizing and controlling. The Managing Directors will play a key role in understanding the customers, minimizing competitor activity by consistently building and maintaining relationships with clients and keeping abreast of changes in the internal and external business environment.

The duties of the Managing Directors will also encompass the following:

  • Maintaining the smooth operations of the business
  • Assist with the financial budgeting and control
  • Ensuring that all buses are well maintained and serviced regularly
  • Ensuring that all safety concerns are addressed
  • Ensuring that all business operations are executed well

7.2.2    Finance and Administration 

The finance and administration officer will be responsible for the following:
  • Ensure that transactions are properly recorded
  • Updating the cash book, general ledger and other accounting books
  • Preparing bank reconciliation statements
  • Handling debtors and creditors
  • Assisting with administrative related tasks such as word processing, data processing and much more
  • Assisting with the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Managing the filling of important business documents

7.2.3    Operations

The operations function will encapsulate all the key staff required to provide luxury buses services. They include drivers, bus attendants and ticket officers. The general activities pertaining to operations will encompass the following:
  • The transportation of passengers from place to place
  • Ensuring quality service so as to contribute towards the satisfaction of customers
  • Ensuring that the buses are well maintained
  • Maintaining and developing the market of the business as well as attracting new customers for the business

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