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Transport Business Plan

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Executive Summary (continued)

1.3    The Competition

The entity will face both direct and indirect competition. Direct competition for Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd will emanate from other luxury bus transport providers that target a similar clientele. Direct competition encompasses Mazhandu Family Bus Services, Euro Africa Bus Services, Juldan Motors, Ticklays Bus Services, and Shalom. Indirect competition on the other hand is attributed to alternative road transport providers such as Zambia Railways, Proflight Zambia and Zambezi Airlines. These are well established indirect competitors with premier brands.

1.3.1    Competitive Advantage

Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd will focus on having a thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of the customers (an understanding that supersedes its competitors’ understanding of the market). The business will thereafter deliver as per the needs and preferences of the customers. Meeting the customers’ expectations will be imperative to the success of the business. Essentially, customer intimacy and relationship building will be instrumental in combating competition and contribute towards achieving high sales levels and ultimately profits for Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd.  The business will strive to deliver value by upholding hallmarks such as quality service, safety, dependability, affordability and reliability. Providing quality service will extend beyond providing fast and efficient luxury buses services, the entity will ensure that the buses depart on the stated departure time every time.

1.4    The Management Team

The management team comprises of dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic team members. The entity shall be managed by John and Brian. Key support team members shall encompass experienced drivers, conductors and ticketing officers.

Management believes that it is addressing a market destined to grow substantially with a well-conceived line of services. It is confident that both market share and revenue projections will, at a minimum, be achieved within the projected time frame.

1.5    Financial Overview

Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd requires K4,100,000,000 in total to finance its capital expenditure and working capital requirements.  The proposed source of funding for the business is a bank loan of K4,100,000,000.  The proposed security for the bank loan shall be in the form of collateral on the assets of the business. The financial projections show that the entity shall be able to  generate K10,062,000,000 in revenue within the first year of operations. It will be in a position to repay the total debt finance required within one year.

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