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Transport Business Plan

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3.    Market Analysis
3.1    Market Segmentation

The market for public transportation services is broad and diverse. It therefore makes marketing sense to divide the market into segments so as to have a better understanding of each segment. Upon segmenting the market, a lucrative market segment will be targeted by the business.  The following market segments were identified: primary, secondary and tertiary students, business commuters, churches, domestic tourists, sports teams and the wider general public.

3.1.1    Market Segments

Market Segment Characteristics
Primary, secondary and tertiary students Primary school children are aged between 6 and 12 years whereas secondary students are usually between the ages of 13 and 18 years. Tertiary students are 18 years and above. While some primary, secondary and tertiary students stay with their parents, others attend boarding schools. They require transportation services to travel from their homes to boarding schools when their school terms begin and vice versa when they end.
Business Commuters As Zambia is synonymous for informal and formal traders – business people are constantly travelling in an effort to source products from suppliers to the end consumer. Most of these entrepreneurs make use of luxury business services.
Churches The growing number of worshipers and churches forms part of the market for transportation services. There are numerous churches in Kitwe, Livingstone and Lusaka. These encompass the Roman Catholic church, 7th Day Adventist church, Universal Church of Zambia and many other newly formed and emerging churches. The churches attract large congregations from a wide array of regions. Most of the worshipers do not have their own motor vehicles and as a result, they depend on public transportation.
Domestic Tourists These are tourists from Lusaka, Kitwe and other areas that usually go on excursions in Livingstone. This market segment appreciates the beautiful natural scenery, fauna, wildlife and other attractions that Livingstone has to offer. The tourists visit places such as the Victoria Falls, game parks, arts and crafts centers, safari centers, The Africa Queen boat cruise and much more. Most domestic tourists make use of luxury buses to get to their destinations.
General Public The general public is characterized by the wider community that makes use of public transportation. These members of the public do not have their own private motor vehicles and depend on public transportation to move from one place to another. They mostly use luxury buses to visit their relatives in other towns.
Sports Teams Lusaka, Livingstone, Kitwe and Chipata are synonymous for sports. There are a number of sports teams and these encompass soccer, basketball, netball and many more. They usually depend on luxury buses when playing games that are hosted in towns other than their home towns.

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