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Transport Business Plan

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3.1.2    Needs and Preferences of The Market Segment

Market Segment

Needs and preferences

Primary and secondary students

Schools usually hire big buses to transport primary and secondary students to educational events.  In terms of school trips, a usual scenario is that these trips are on a classroom to classroom basis and as a result schools usually hire a bus capable of transporting 25 to 30 students at a time. Similar to the kids market, the key needs and preferences encompass safety, reliability, convenience, affordability, timeliness and quality service.

Business commuters

The majority of business commuters prefer express services. They prefer luxury bus services that are time conscious, efficient and effective. Some business commuters often move with commodities for resale and therefore require extra luggage space hence luxury bus entities that offer extra luggage space are often preferred.


Churches often require transportation services to transport their members from their home towns or designated areas and then transport them to other member churches. They also require transport for occasions or events such as prayer meetings, charity fundraising events, bible classes and other functions. Most churches have limited budgets and therefore opt for affordable transport service providers. While the buses hired by churches are usually affordable, safety comes first and must not be compromised. They seek services from entities that have road worthy buses.

Domestic Tourists

Domestic tourists require reliable and dependable transportation. Moreover, they regard their safety when being transported as highly important and this cannot be compromised. Some domestic tourists have a preference for packaged services where transport, accommodation and food are included. The buses used should be roadworthy and ideal in terms of size and the number of people that can be transported at once as some domestic tourists usually form clubs and other associations. The availability of the buses must also be certain so as to not inconvenience the tourists as they sometimes make advance bookings at attraction centers. Domestic tourists require quality or superior service as their intention of touring is to relax and have a good time. They do not want to be inconvenienced by poor service delivery.

General Public

The general public is mostly concerned about the price and their safety when it comes to using public transportation services. While a few have their own private motor vehicles, others do not own vehicles - they make use of luxury bus services. They need reliable, user friendly and most importantly, safe transportation.  It is also worth mentioning that a few members emanating from the general public in possession of motor vehicles prefer to use buses at times as a means of saving fuel costs.

Sports Teams

Most sports teams are made up of 23 to 30 team members and therefore prefer using transportation providers that are capable of providing buses that match this capacity. They have a preference for transport providers that have reliable, roadworthy, convenient and safe motor vehicles. Most sports teams depend on sponsors for funding and as a result seek affordable transportation solutions.

3.1.3    Segment Attractiveness Assessment

This section assesses the attractiveness of the identified market segments so as to identify a lucrative segment for Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd to target. The following factors were taken into consideration prior to selecting a suitable target market for the business: the size of the segment, expected profits from the segment, competition in the segment, growth rate of the segment and the associated risks of each segment.

3.1.4    Proposed Target Market

Focus Transport Services (Pty) Ltd will target the general market as well as business people that value transportation services that are time-conscious, efficient and effective.

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